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Ep. 7: Corn, Magoo & Pudding (ft. Sachi Ezura)

Comedian, writer and producer Sachi Ezura (Girl Code, After After Party) had two cats, then one, then two cats again. She tells us about the sudden loss of Corn and the sudden adoption of Pudding, and how Corn’s sister Magoo has dealt with it all. Plus, “How Much Do You Know About Cats In Scripted Television Comedy Since 2013?” and raising cats as a feminist act.

Ep. 6: Luke & Leia (ft. Ana Marie Cox)

With Friends Like These host Ana Marie Cox stopped by the day after the midterm elections to discuss voter turnout. JUST KIDDING, she came to talk about cats! Specifically Luke and Leia, aka The Jedi Twins, who’ve helped her and her husband on their paths to sobriety. Plus, a U.S. politics-themed cat quiz and some thought-provoking debate about cats’ role in government.


Ep. 5: Squee & Prem (ft. Naomi Ekperigin & Andy Beckerman)

Naomi Ekperigin and Andy Beckerman, the hilarious hosts of Couples Therapy, are here to talk about their relationships with each other and with their cats! Lots of breakthroughs in this one, plus a therapy-themed Cat Quiz, a debate about what to do if you fall in love with someone who’s allergic and some philosophical discourse about cat consciousness!


Ep. 4: Stella (ft. Amy Plitt)

Cats, like New York City, are complicated. Curbed NY editor Amy Plitt is here to talk about that and her ride-or-die, Stella, the one constant she’s had in the city that never stops changing. Also! Cat Food or NYC Delicacy?, a debate about cat cafes, the case for cat unions and a suggestion for updating New York’s city seal.

When she’s not making videos for BuzzFeed’s Pero Like channel, Claudia Restrepo is home with Oscar, who leads a complex life as an indoor/outdoor cat. He’s also made Claudia’s dating life complicated! Plus, what it’s like being the only cat person at work and a Cat Quiz about the differences between cats and dogs. READ MORE

Dulcé Sloan lives in New York City for her job on The Daily Show. Her cats are back in Georgia, living with her mom. We talk about long-distance cat relationships and Miracle’s miraculous origins, and take a break from the depressing news cycle with a happy cat news Cat Quiz.

Choire Sicha is the Styles editor of The New York Times, but more importantly, he has three trained cats. In this episode we find out if Choire can tell the difference between real New York Times cat headlines and fake news, and go on a cat-themed fashion journey.