EXCLUSIVE: The Cats of New York Public Radio

New York Public Radio journalists use data to report stories that matter, from voter turnout patterns to the impact of climate change. But New York public media’s most important story has never been told—until now.

Following up on a tip that “WNYC is crawling with cat people,” Let’s Talk About Cats conducted an exclusive investigation into the cats of New York Public Radio. If cats hold power over public media, the public deserves to know about their temperaments, their influence on their owners’ day-to-day lives and their catnip habits.

We used an anonymous survey to gather information from NYPR cat owners in December 2018. WNYC Data News designer Clarisa Diaz tabulated the results and turned them into the charts below. Special thanks to LTAC Senior Cat Data Correspondent Richard Yeh, who walked us through the data at our live show and also offered up details about NYPR employees’ own “catnip” use.

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