Ep. 9: Steve (ft. Carnage Electra)

Carnage Electra skates in the world-famous Gotham Girls Roller Derby league, where she served four years as co-captain of the Diamond District team (motto: “Diamonds Don’t Break”). Head to the Gotham Girls website for league news, season updates, bout tickets and more. While you’re at it, follow @gothamderby on Twitter!

Full episode transcript here!

left: Steve, right: Carnage

In this episode

  • Cat Quiz: How Much Do You Know About The Multi-Talented Performer Carmen Electra, Her 28-Year Career In Entertainment… And Cats?
  • [Cat Quiz Spoiler] Check out this behind-the-scenes video from Carmen’s perfume ad campaign! MEOW.
  • A Hot Topic debate: Since roller derby is not (yet) allowed in the Olympics, should cats be allowed to participate instead? If so, in which events? A brief tangent about horses ensues.
  • If you’re interested in the premise of this debate, you may also be interested in this Ladyscience article: Hip Check: Roller Derby’s Radical Queer Challenge to the IOC.
  • A rundown of feline attributes (muscular legs, ability to lick one’s own butt) that could also be useful for roller derby players.
  • Steve is focused on his music these days, but he began his career as a model. See him posing up a storm in the book Men with Cats!
  • We attempt to come up with a derby name for Steve. Maybe you can think of a better one? Email hi@letstalkaboutcats.com, subject line: I have a better derby name for Steve.