Ep. 14: Leonard Pinole (ft. Fany Gerson)

Chef Fany Gerson is the founder/owner of La Newyorkina (get the mango-chile paletas!) and Dough Doughnuts (get the blood orange doughnut!). She’s also the author of three cookbooks: My Sweet Mexico, Paletas, and Mexican Ice Cream. Her recipes have been featured in The New York Times, Saveur, Serious Eats, Bon Appetit, Fine Cooking, Food and Wine, and more.

Full episode transcript here!

In this episode

  • In case anyone wants savory oatmeal recommendations, my favorites are: butter/nutritional yeast/salt/hot sauce (optional) or miso/sesame oil/finely chopped green onion. The lazy version is just oatmeal with salt, miso, or soy sauce in it. That’s good too.
  • [Cat Quiz spoiler] Here’s a photo of the bakery mistake that went viral, for obvious reasons.
  • If this episode’s Hot Topic got you thinking about cats with jobs, head over to r/CatsWithJobs to see some cats with jobs.
  • Fany and I each have one cat and one child, so we ended up having a really interesting conversation about cats and kids and how they interact, relate to each other, and grow up together. Typing this just now I realized that one of my earliest memories is crawling after my mom’s cat, Midnight, and trying to grab her tail as she scurried down the hall of our apartment.
  • Sometimes it works out fine anyway, but if you’re thinking about giving a cat (or any other pet) as a gift, you might want to review these tips first.
  • Raise your hand if you want to see a Leonard-themed frozen treat at La Newyorkina! (Raises both hands and waves them wildly)
  • Well, well, well: Turns out optimism is associated with better health and longevity. That plus dessert and plenty of cat therapy = the healthiest lifestyle in the world? I think yes.