Have you ever been at a party or a meeting or on a date and thought, Ugh, I wish we could skip the boring chit-chat and just talk about our cats? That happens to noted cat lady Mary Phillips-Sandy… a lot. So much so, that she decided to make this show.

In each fast-paced, fact-packed, surprisingly enlightening episode, a notable guest joins Mary for segments like the Cat Quiz (there’s always a prize at stake!), the Hot Topic Debate (in which we resolve a divisive feline issue once and for all), and Hey, You Need A Cat! (in which we convince a catless celebrity to get a cat).

But that’s not all we do. We believe in that old adage: Tell me about your cat, and I’ll tell you who you are. It turns out that asking people about their cats is an unique way to understand their perspective on life, love, loss, and important things that start with other letters.

With sharp production values and a decidedly offbeat sensibility, Let’s Talk About Cats creates a one-of-a-kind space for heartfelt conversations about what it really means to be human—and to be humans with cats.

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Mary grew up in Waterville, Maine with a series of cats (Midnight, Anatevka and CB). She then moved to New York and spent several years at Comedy Central, where she led digital political coverage under the Indecision brand and later became managing editor of the digital group. She has written and produced words and shows for lots of places, including The New York Times, Quartz, The Awl, The Maine Film Center and more. Most recently she helped develop and produce Hello Sunshine’s first original audio shows, How It Is and My Best Break-Up. Let’s Talk About Cats is dedicated to the memory of Buckley and Milo, the two best grey brothers who ever chewed each other’s ears, and to Grendel, the beautiful dilute tortie pictured here.

Executive Producer: Lizzie Jacobs​

Lizzie produces the podcasts Technopolis and Make/Time, incubates baby podcasts and makes documentaries like We’ll Still Be Here, the first Snapchat-native documentary. She is a Peabody and Emmy Award winning producer for her work on StoryCorps Animated Shorts; she also edited a bunch of New York Times bestsellers for StoryCorps. She lives in Brooklyn and she’s… fine with cats.

Theme Song: Poingly

Though he once lived the rockstar lifestyle in Brooklyn, Poingly has since retreated to an isolated suburban existence as a recluse, subsisting solely on outdated ’90s freeware and various colorful sodas from 7-Eleven. Due to allergies, Poingly is currently catless, but insists on giving a shoutout to the best house cat of all time: Elvis.

Ed. note: Look, I don’t know about the picture, either. I asked Poingly to send me a picture of a cat and this is what he sent. 

look i don't know, either

Additional Music: The English Muffins

The English Muffins are Natalie, Althea and Kate. They live in Portland, Maine and have a total of four wonderful and very good-looking cats: GirlWalter (fluffy tuxedo, upper left), Otto (orange guy, bottom left), Posh Spice (tiny tiger, top right) and PeeWee (grey tuxedo, bottom right).

Julia is an illustrator, designer and maker living and working in Boston. Buy stuff from her Etsy shop, Over It Studio, or Society6! Julia loves vintage memorabilia, Halloween costumes, cult/psychedelic cartoons, and ’90s music and fashion. She loves cats, but her landlord doesn’t, so she’s currently close friends with her neighbor’s cat.